LeapGrad is a student-focused,
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LinkedIn is for boomers. LeapGrad is for you!

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At last, relevant jobs.

Remember the countless hours you used to spend scrolling through hundreds of uninteresting jobs posts? They're finally a thing of the past. With LeapGrad, your profile and resume are analyzed by an algorithm and matched with the right jobs and companies.

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As efficient as it gets.

As efficient as it gets.

Recruiting can be a long and complicated process, but LeapGrad will make it look easy. Our sophisticated ATS takes your custom-built candidate requirements and preferences and uses them to rank applicants and sort them into tiers.

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“LeapGrad has a very unique design with a very intuitive timeline.”
York University Student
“Perfectly tailored to modern student and graduates.”
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“Amazing layout! Very simple and easy to use. No steep learning curve like other job platforms.”
University of Toronto Student