About Us

LeapGrad is a student professional networking platform uniquely designed to transform the job market industry.

The main purpose of LeapGrad is to disrupt the job market industry by introducing the first ever two-sided platform that is targeted to students and employers.

LeapGrad implements a wide range of unique and compelling features that enhance both the job seeking process for students and the hiring process for employers.

Work at LeapGrad

Our Team

Adam Balwant
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Adam has an extensive background in entrepreneurship, information systems, and mobile technology. He has an MSc degree in Management Information Systems and Digital Innovation from the London School of Economics. In 2018, Adam sold his first start-up “RatherME” (mobile dating app) to a team of investors in Canada. Most recently, Adam had his start-up “Skip D Pot” (food delivery app) acquired by a larger company in Trinidad & Tobago.

Gerard Salleras
Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Gerard serves as the creative lead of LeapGrad and is closely involved in the UI and UX design of the application. After studying Business Management at the University of Toronto for two years, Gerard moved to London, England where he completed a degree in Marketing Communications. He has an extensive background in the advertising industry, where he has worked as a freelance copywriter for various British & Irish agencies.

Justin Parhar
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Justin is responsible for the compliance matters of LeapGrad. He ensures that the development meets all the required legal codes, and that LeapGrad secures its intellectual property. He is an accredited lawyer in the state of Queensland, Australia after having completed his Juris Doctorate and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at Bond University in the Gold Coast.

Mathew Mozaffari
Chief Technology Officer

Mathew graduated from Ryerson University (Software Engineering) in 2017. He has a strong passion for building tools and working with the latest technologies to develop applications that can push our society forward. His passion is for developing branches across the entire STEM industry. Mathew has done honorary work to push impactful products forward, managed offshore teams, and have won international competitions for his work. His technical skills combined with his communication and positive attitude allows him to build scalable products.

Klifford Agujar
Full Stack Developer

Technological innovation and the internet had always piqued Klifford's interest. Having graduated from George Brown College with an Advanced Diploma in Computer Programming, all that is left to do is connect the dots and make something awesome. With his passion for application development, Klifford is determined to make something impactful one project at a time, starting at LeapGrad.

Ahmad Tharik
Lead Front End Developer

My name is Ahmad Tharik. I am a second year student majoring in software development at Mohawk College. Prior to attending Mohawk College, I attended the University of Toronto to pursue a degree in civil engineering. During my time at the University of Toronto, I fell in love with programming which led to my passion in software development.

Emily Teed
Marketing Intern

Emily is currently studying Professional Communications at Ryerson University. While she is just completing her second year now, she has already learnt so many valuable skills in content creation and storytelling, and is excited to put them to use here at LeapGrad as part of the social media team! She has always had a passion for content creation and pop culture and can’t wait to further her knowledge in the social media marketing field. You’ll most likely find her on LeapGrad’s TikTok where she’s hoping to spread the word about LeapGrad to lots of other students like her!

Ryan Ruan
Operations Lead

Ryan graduated from the University of Toronto and now serves as the Operations Lead at LeapGrad. Alongside employer acquisition and relations, he also encourages teamwork to promote a healthy work culture that fosters high team morale and maximum productivity. Ryan has a strong portfolio of event organization, team coordination, and talent acquisition, previously working as the Human Resources Manager of RatherMe Inc before selling the start-up to a team of Canadian investors.

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