Enough is enough.

We understand your pain. The countless hours spent scrolling through miserable walls of text in search of jobs that require an unrealistic amount of experience. Such misery leads to the impending fear of graduation and the cold uncertainty of life. It’s horrifying. That’s no way to live. We’re here to save you.

And yes, we understand if you have any doubts over embracing a “professional” social network. There’s only one major player in that arena and they don’t understand the pain points of your generation. That’s not us! Our team has an average age of 25. This isn’t a site made for established professionals looking to further expand their ever-expanding network, predicated primarily on appearances and mutual back rubs in the form of “endorsements”.

LeapGrad is a place made by people like you, for people like you. We believe your lives will be exciting adventures of growth and self-discovery. We’re here to nurture your talent and empower your visions of the future.

At LeapGrad you’ll find jobs tailored to people like you. People without 10 years of experience. People who are still trying to figure out who and what they want to be. People with a lust for life who believe things can and should be better.

Over the course of the next few months (and beyond) we plan to provide you with countless tools to help you build up your resume, develop new skills, engage with like-minded people, showcase your personal projects, and perhaps more importantly, help you kick-start your career.

Put aside the existential dread. Retake control of your future. Let’s change work forever.